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ARA Supporters

This listing of ARA supporters is in appreciation for the help that they have provided in keeping the project going. This includes the exhibitions, video, book, presentations to school and civic organizations, interviews from the American small family farming community, promotional materials, show banners, and more.

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Arlissa Vaughn North Carolina, USA Donation and Following 
Barbara Griffiths Greensboro, Georgia, USA Donation and Assistance 
Barbara Johnston Madison, Georgia USA Donation and Following 
Bill Boughner Greensboro, Georgia, USA Donation and Assistance 
Blue Willow Inn Social Circle, Georgia Donation and Following 
Bud Duncan Georgia Donation and Following 
David Cunard Jonesboro, GA Donation and Following 
Don Jolley Augusta, Georgia USA Donation and Assistance 
Dorothy Muzyka Bear Creek, Pennsylvania USA Donation and Following 
Elizabeth and Wayne Jones Larksville, Pennsylvania Donation and Following 
Elizabeth "Boots" Coffed Greensboro, Georgia, USA Donation and Assistance 
Elizabeth Wright   Eatonton, Georgia, USA Donation and Assistance 
Erik Ekstrom Rutledge, Georgia USA Donation and Following 
Evan Jones Grangville, Idaho USA Donation and Following 
Glen Benskin Clarinda, Iowa Donation and Following 
Helen von Richtofen Greensboro, Georgia Donation and Assistance 
Ira and Roberta Block Madison, Georgia Donation and Follower 
Janet Mason Madison, Georgia, USA Donation and Following 
Jeanne Herrero Georgia, USA Donation and Assistance 
Jewel Muzyka Madison, Georgia USA Donation, Assistance, and Following 
Joanie and Ben Bruce Madison, Georgia USA Donation and Following 
Judy Struck Delaware, USA Donation and Following 
Julie Nolan Greensboro, Georgia USA Donation and Following 
Kiki & Dick Pollard Madison, Georgia USA Donation and Following 
Linda Lawrence Sparta, Georgia, USA Donation and Following 
Linda Wagner Buckhead, Georgia, USA  Donation and Assistance 
Louise Lauderdale Madison, Georgia USA Donation and Following 
Margaret Conner Buckhead, Georgia USA Donation and Following 
Pola Muzyka Wyleska, Georgia USA Donation and Following 
William Scholly Buckhead, Georgia USA Donation, Assistance, and Following 
Showing 30 items