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ARA Artwork by Joe Coggins

Artist's Bio

I am a native Atlantan living near Madison, Georgia, in beautiful lake country.  The natural beauty of the land and water in this area inspire me every day.  I paint in oils and watercolor, and I am also a photographer.  

My love of art began for me as a small child.  I always knew I wanted to become a painter.  While my friends were involved in sports, I was drawing and sketching.  I was fascinated with all aspects of art.

I began a formal study of art in my early 20’s at the Atlanta Art Institute and studied privately with Quida Canady and Constantin Chatov. 

I painted professionally and taught art in Atlanta for over 20 years.  I traveled and painted throughout the Southeast and Mexico.

After many years’ absence from painting, I moved to North Florida and started painting again.  I loved painting the landscape, marshes and wetlands of the North Florida and Georgia coast along with the Spanish architecture of St. Augustine.  My work was displayed in galleries and art shows in Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine.  I also taught art in this area. 

I am a member of the Madison Artists Guild and Abandoned Rural America, an organization of artists, photographers, potters and writers, who have joined together to honor, through art, the vanishing small family farm. I continue to paint coastal scenes that I came to love while I lived in Florida.

My work is shown at Madison Interiors Market, Madison, Georgia, Genuine Georgia in Greensboro, Georgia as well as Jekyll Island, Ga, Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine, Florida.

Joe's ARA Statement

As a city boy, growing up in Atlanta I had very little contact with farmers and their way of life except for an occasional visit to my great grandparents’ farm.  

As an adult I traveled the Southeast, many times taking the backroads along the way, and I began to notice farms with boarded up houses and barns and the land lying vacant.  During a span of perhaps 20 years or more, I saw this occurring  more and more.  It became apparent to me as I spoke to local residents that these farms were being abandoned primarily due to economics. 

Later when asked to become a part of ARA, it occurred to me that if I could record my experience through art,  this would be a way that I could pay tribute to those farmers and their families who had left their way of life so they could survive financially.  I believe the era of the small family farm, so much a vital part of history, should not be forgotten.

Joe Coggin's Work

Joe's work can be seen on-line at

Joe Coggins' watercolors and oils of rural America. 

Elmore County Farmhouse

Elmore County Farmhouse

Watercolor painting of an old abandoned farmhouse in Elmore County Alabama. I painted this for the Wetumpka Alabama ARA exhibit.

Greggs' Peaches

I saw this old peach shed while traveling through west central Georgia and was compelled to do a painting of it.

Simpler Times II

The Woodshed

Watercolor Painting.

Elmore Cty Farmhouse (sm)

A different version of the watercolor painting of the Elmore County Alabama. I painted this for the Wetumpka Alabama ARA exhibit.

Baxters Mill

The Hill Family Farm

Milltop Tavern

Watercolor Painting.

Jesse's Barn

I saw this old barn on a trip through North Carolina. I liked the reverse silhouette it produced against the darker trees behind it.

The Honeysuckle Vine