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ARA Photos of Charles St John Dyer

Charles St John Dyer's Bio

Husband for over 30 years, father, and grand father, Charles began his pursuit of photography in his teens while working as a Bus Boy at an upscale restaurant by the lakeside.  One long exposure of an evening lake scene was met with surprise and amazement with the combination of light, movement, and stationary objects that were captured by this young man and his inexpensive Fuji camera.  He admits he has been hooked on photography and it’s never ending possibilities from that moment on.

While working as a Photo Journalist at the local Madisonian in the mid 80s, Charles became acquainted with numerous artists in the area, one particular individual was Pete Muzuka.  Pete encouraged Charles to pursue his  photography career, which eventually lead Charles to obtain an Applied Arts Degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Atlanta.  From there the doors opened up to a career in Commercial Photography and eventually lead to a successful career as a Private Investigator.  However, Charles continues to pursue his photography as an enjoyable hobby, keeping up with the times basically the old fashion way, by “self teaching” himself in the new digital photography, post-processing, printing/framing, and Photo Shop Light room.  He focuses mainly on nature and landscapes, studio still life, HDR/Infrared and night photography.

Charles is a member of the Madison Artist Guild and Monroe Artist Guild.  Favorite areas Charles enjoys visiting and photographing are the Georgia Coast for its magnificent bird rookeries and barrier islands, and the Great Smokey Mountains for its sunsets, sunrises, unlimited views, waterfalls and abundant wildlife including the Elk.  Charles says, “sometimes a subject captivates me, calling me to photograph it; however, I’ve learned to be very patient as I now understand the God of Light creates the moment, I’m just there to capture it and share with everyone else”.

Artist's Work

Charles photographs many of his images using the wet plate collodion technique pictured here. 

"Rooster's 48"

This old 1948 Dodge pickup truck located in a rural area of Greene County, Georgia is owned by Ben Baswell “Rooster”, who was born in 1932.  He purchased the vehicle for $75.00 and it was operational on his dairy farm through the mid-60s.  It is a whole plate ferrotype.


This rural beekeeper, Shane, resides in Newton County, Georgia.  This is a giclee print printed from a ferrotype.

The Peter's Family Store

This old gas station and store in Fairplay, Georgia is owned by the Peter’s family and was built in the early 1900s. It was fully operational until the mid-80s. This is a giclee print printed from a ferrotype.

Sautee Nacoochee Rural Barn

This rural barn is located in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia and was photographed  while exploring the beautiful landscape in the area.  It is an Infrared and printed on the Giclee print.

The Cotton Gin

This old cotton gin located in Loganville, Georgia, was used by the farmers for extracting seed from cotton.  It was said more money was made by selling the seeds back to the farmers than selling the cotton itself.  It was operational through the mid-70s.  This is a giclee print printed from a ferrotype.

Rural Farmhouse

This old farm house was photographed in a rural area of Morgan County, Georgia.  This is a giclee print printed from a ferrotype.