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ARA Photography from Blake Smith


Blake Smith's Bio

Blake was born and raised in the Tifton Georgia area. He spent a lot of his young life in the woods 
and fields learning about nature and developing a strong appreciation about the complexities of life 
in rural America. Blake began tinkering with challenging tasks at an early age, getting special satisfaction from creating finished works that were not easily reproduced.

Blake has been developing his unique technique of composing and lighting his subjects to get a once-only effect for the last 18 years. The photographs that Blake produces, like the abandoned rural houses and landscapes, can only be captured once. The settings, lighting, image capture will only be seen in his photographic reproduction of the subject.Blake’s goal for most of his professional photographer career has been to create an image that is unique no matter what the subject. Blake seeks out the most interesting settings and often the most transient lighting, weather conditions etc. in his native Georgia or while traveling out west to the San Francisco Bay area or to the wilderness of Yosemite Nation Park.

Blake exhibits his work in local and regional shows including the Lyndon House Museum of Art in Athens.

Artist's Work

Blake's work can be seen on-line at

Blake's Abandoned Rural America works include some of these images. 

Abandoned Nolan Plantation

This hallway landing is inside the old Nolan Plantation house about 12 miles northwest of Madison, Georgia. Blake used his unique style of lighting and long exposures to capture the essence of a by gone era of construction. The early 1900's house was used in several TV movies and commercials over the last 3 decades and has been vacant for an even longer period of time. Now vines and small trees are beginning to ear usp the siding and a few windows, having been broken, let in the rain. It won't be long before it will follow the sharecropper houses that once surrounded the building and collapse.

Abandoned School Bus

It isn't only the farm buildings and tractors that have been left standing to deteriorate in the weather. Blake found this old schoolbus near Athens Georgia. 

Deserted Western Town

While traveling through California Blake found this deserted western town and decided to add a black and white version to his photography of old buildings set against a dramatic sky.

Collapsing Farmhouse

Blake likes to capture images in the late evening and at night. This is one example of the late evening sky above an old relic seen by the lights that Blake had set up.

Red Barn with Stars

This may well be titled "Starry Starry Night" with the long exposure capture distinctly detailing the stars in the night sky. Although the red barn is not abandoned, yet, it reflects the beauty of a small family farm.