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ARA Oil Paintings from Don Jolley

Don Jolley's Bio

Don Jolley was born and reared in Harlem, GA. He and Linda now make their home in Augusta. Don’s has been a rather circuitous route to the point today where he is devoting full-time to his art. In 1967, just shy of graduation, he acknowledged his restlessness in the psychology department where he had devoted the last two years to hours of study and thoughts of med school. Rather, he found himself drawn to the various artist studios on campus, routinely arguing with himself against the selfish notion of abandoning the practical field of medicine for the uncertain and impractical pursuit of his passion for art. Within the next year however, he was married, managing an art supply and custom frame shop and making very little money to support a wife who was accustomed to finer things. While she had no qualms about their status he say’s at the time he knew he wasn’t the favorite son-in-law. Soon however, his wife Linda began to encourage him to return to his study of art. They moved to Athens where Don entered the Graphic Arts program and took advantage of open hours to study different mediums of fine art under various professors. They refer to those years in Athens as a grand time.

After receiving his BFA Degree he entered the corporate world as an Art Director, foolishly thinking he would paint on the side. Not so. That opportunity came only years later, around 2005, when he retired early and began to devote his time earnestly to what had been lying only semi-dormant in his brain all those years. It’s been his experience if one has the art gene, you’ll not be complete until you’ve acknowledged it by developing your creativity. Today his work is collected by several individuals and hangs in homes throughout the Southeast and points beyond as well. For the most part his focus is on quiet pastoral landscapes, inspired by scenes of Saint Simons Island, the grand Altamaha River, rural Middle Georgia, and the mountains of north Georgia. Numerous pieces can be seen at Main Street Gallery in Harlem, GA, about 4 miles south of I-20 Exit 184. Call 706-556-3610 to confirm the Gallery is open. He offers fine quality prints of his work as well. Currently developing an online blog to feature his work, he recently commented on it’s progress,” I’m in no hurry for this part of the ‘business’. After waiting for so long, all I want to do is just paint.”

Artist's Work

More information about Don and his work can be read on-line at

Don's Abandoned Rural AMerica work include these pieces. 

Plaid Shirt

Plaid Shirt is an early memory of my Grandfather milking the family cow.

Central Community Store

Central Community Store provided the basic necessities for families in the surrounding community of Pumpkin Center. Closed for over fifty years, it is still standing just off highway 221 near I-20.

Old Soul

Old Soul represents the long abandoned farm homes which can occasionally be found in the rural South, lonely reminders of an abandoned way of life.

Oak Hill

Oak Hill still survives, but only as the name of a modern upscale housing development in Columbia County, GA.

Slow Progress

Slow Progress is a recollection of a once common sight along the roads of the area where I grew up in Columbia County, GA.

Cross Roads

Cross Roads remains rural farmland, but is now a paved 4-way stop intersection in McDuffie County.