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ARA Art from Peter Muzyka

Peter Muzyka's Bio

I was raised on a sheep farm in Northeast Pennsylvania. The textures and colors of the rural farm life inspired me to draw and paint whenever I could. While in the military from the mid 1960's to mid 70's I created many works for friends that I made in the military as well as others that were native of countries I was stationed at including Japan, Korea, and South Vietnam. In 1973 I entered my first major show at the US Navy wide Fine Art Exhibit at Norfolk VA. There I won first place in oil painting for a work representing the workers on a train's engine. In 1976 I was selected to develop murals related to the Nation’s Bicentennial in Luzerne County, PA which became a permanent part of the Luzerne County Art archives. In the 70’s and early 80’s, I won several regional awards and received many commissions for portraits and other works for private estates including the estate of the actor Jack Palance.

After moving to Georgia in 1982, I began painting Georgia’s old farm houses, plantations, colorful earth and plant life in egg tempera which was one of the techniques that Im learned under the Tutelage of Andrew Palencar, my high school art teacher in the early 60's. In 1989, my egg tempera painting “Georgia Lace” was chosen by the Georgia Arts Acquisition Program and is a permanent part of the state’s art collection. In 1999 I started a fine art print company, Vanishing Rural Georgia Art using my experience working with color in the printing industry and the Giclée process to produce quality prints for both painters and photographers on Archival papers, board, and canvas. My work appears in public and private collections in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Canada, and Mexico. Some of my work can be seen on-line at and my art blog site is

Artist's Work

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Pete’s work can be seen on-line at, his art blog site is or his gallery on this website.

Paintings representing the Abandoned Rural America small family farms
lost to industrialization and economic development.

Deep in the Valley

Abandoned farmhouse located in a valley just west of Godfrey, Georgia. Although this area has some small farms it was once a thriving hub in the agriculturally based economy of north Georgia.

Abandoned at Nolan's Corners

Abandoned farmhouse located at Nolan's Corners near Bostwick, Georgia. This area was once famous for its cotton plantations. This was once a farm family's house and will soon collapse.

egg tempera painting, a murder of crows, painting, water media, rural, farm, landscape, reflection, Abandoned Rural America

A Murder of Crows

This abandoned farmhouse is located between Bishop and Watkinsville, Georgia. I spoke with the owner of the farm which is mostly chicken houses. He said a black couple lived there, on the farm for many years, when his father was alive. He kept them on, rent free, until they passed away a few years ago and hadn't worked on the house since.

Storm Clouds

Abandoned farmhouse located in north Georgia just south of Monroe. Another in the ever growing number of farmhouses that once housed a large farming family but have been abandoned for decades.

Sharecroppers' Shack

Abandoned farmhouse located near Bostwick, Georgia. Once famous for its cotton plantations it is sparsely farmed and the sharecropper houses are mostly gone including this one.

rural Georgia, painting, egg tempera, landscape, Griffin, art

Past Its Prime

My artist friend Joe Coggins and I were heading to Wetumpka, Alabama when we came across this old abandoned farmhouse southwest of Griffin, Georgia. We had been stopped at a traffic incident on GA 16 and decided to take a detour. What a lucky find.

Moore's Trail Road

Abandoned farmhouse located in central Virginia near I-81 on Moore's Trail road. This stately farmhouse was abandoned in the late 20's and miraculously survived almost a hundred years of weather and vandals.

Nolan's Corners Plantation

Abandoned antebellum house located at Nolan's Corners near Bostwick, Georgia. This building is rapidly deteriorating and will soon be gone. It has been included in movies and commercials.

painting, egg tempera, water bird, heron, landscape, art, water

Lunch Time

I found this scene while traveling through Louisiana in the 1990's. The green leaves from the duckweed covered much of the pond and the Heron had a difficult time finding its preferred meal.