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ARA Art from Eugene Swain

Eugene Swain's Bio

Eugene was born in the Southern historic town of Madison, Georgia. Madison is the county seat of Morgan county and is known for it’s surviving pre Civil War antebellum architecture. He attended Springfield school for a short time until they were moved to Pearl High and Elementary in the mid 60’s where he was always busy drawing. When he graduated from High School he never gave up on his dream of becoming an artist.

Eugene spent most of his early years creating one thing or another, mostly toys that his parents were unable to buy him when he was little. He would make cars, trucks, campers and other toys that he liked. In the eighties he started experimenting with water colors. At this time he was painting mostly portraits for family and friends. What he really wanted to paint though were old houses and barns. He began using oils to do his paintings and today he paints with acrylics. Eugene likes traveling the back roads of rural Georgia to take photos of old barns, houses, and cows as subjects adding his own unique style to his paintings.

Eugene also likes creating models of the old farm houses and barns that he comes across using whatever materials that he can find around the structures, sometimes using wood from the abandoned buildings.

He is also a self taught musician and plays the guitar each Sunday at the Plainview Baptist Church, his family’s home church. His family feels that he has been blessed by God to have been given the talents that he has.

Artist's Work

Eugene's work can be seen throughout the Piedmont region of Georgia. His work is owned and exhibited at many of the regional businesses and private homes.

For information on any of Eugen's paintings or models: or call him at 706-474-0827

Some of Eugene's ARA paintings and models are shown here. 

Georgia Country Road by Eugene SwainGeorgia Country Road

Eugene painted this acrylic piece of an old deteriorating farmhouse along a rural road in Georgia. Every year this little bit of farming history disappears from our landscape and often leaves only the chimney standing.

Rusting Away

Old tractors and other farm implements can be seen rusting away in abandoned Georgia farm fields. Here we see an old chimney and out building left standing after the main house had collapsed. The buzzards look as if they are waiting to pick its bones while the dog slinks away.

Autumn Barn

This acrylic painting of an old deteriorating barn along a rural road during the autumn shows how the structures often lean before collapsing. The red roof where the sun hits the barn's right side reflects the red maple tree color and leaves on the ground.

Sautee Sharecropper

This old slave sharecropper cabin was moved to the Sautee Nacoochee Community Center from property across the road. Eugene has applied details that accurately show the multi layers of paint on the siding as well as the stone chimney, steps, and more.

Roadside Relic

Numerous old farm houses from the early 1900's collapsed and have disappeared from our rural landscape. Eugene did this acrylic painting but the house will be gone before long. The covered porch is one of the features found on the better houses.

Two Relics

Some of Eugen's paintings contain pieces of the old buildings that he depicts. Here is one example that has pieces of old siding glued to his acrylic painting. The old gentleman would gather with his friends at this once public meeting house, now vacant.