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ARA Art by Mev Rozsman

Mev Borso - Rozsman has experienced art in many forms and mediums over the last 40 years.  Born in Pennsylvania and living as far away as Okinawa, she has been exposed to various cultures reflected in her paintings.  After earning a double degree in Sociology and Psychology and receiving  Phi Kappa Phi status from  Mercer University, she also  studied art in England, New York, Arizona and Georgia.

She is one of the founders of the Greensboro Arts Alliance and has been on its Board since 1998.  Rozsman is the recipient of many awards including 1st place in painting from the Oconee Artist Exhibition.  She enjoys painting in watercolor and oils and is inspired by the natural beauty of the place she calls home, Greensboro, GA

She is also currently exhibiting her works in the Abandoned Rural America exhibit series.

Artwork by Mev Rozsman

Mev's Watercolor "Hazy Lake"
Mev's Watercolor "Coastal Fog"
Mev's Oil "Storm's a Brewing"
Stormy Weather, Oil painting, Mev Rozsman
Mev's Oil "Stormy Weather"