The fight to save family farms isn’t just about farmers. It’s about making sure that there is a safe and healthy food supply for all of us. It’s about jobs, from Main Street to Wall Street. It’s about a better America. 

Willie Nelson (American Country Western singer)


Our next Abandoned Rural America exhibit will be held at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village in Tifton, GA.

The opening date is September 16th with a reception to be held at the

Georgia's Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village atrium on September 16th from 2 to 4 pm. Music will be provided by the trio Swamp Daisies. The exhibit will be on display during Museum hours through January 17, 2018.

The Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village is located just west of Interstate 75
at the Tifton Georgia exit. Above is the main museum and gallery building along with a view
of the exhibit from October 2016.
A link to the ABAC Historic Village grounds can be found here:

Several new artists have been added to the Abandoned Rural America exhibitors:

Mark Maio, who is a professional photographer. Check out Mark's bio and some images on his ARA page HERE.

Steven Kippels, an architect and painter. Check out  some of Steve's images on his ARA page HERE.

Karen Strelecki is a commercial illustrator and assemblage artist.

The ARA 5 year Anniversary exhibit was held at the Lyndon House from August 20 to October 20, 2016. The Lyndon House is always a great place for exhibitions and we were honored to have the Arts Center as our venue. For those not familiar with us, ARA pays homage to the American small family-farm. The opening reception for our exhibit at the Lyndon House was held on September 8th.

Below are some images of the Lyndon House ARA reception from September 8 as well as a map of its location in Athens Georgia.

Gathering,Goat Oracle, ARA reception, Mary Leslie Hartman, Richard Hartman
The Goat Oracle, Angelina Bellebuono, did readings for guests             Guests line up outside the Goat Oracle's door at the Lyndon House
Reception visitors have plenty to eat and great wines and sparking water to drink
Pete and Joan Ekstrom (Swamp Daisies) entertained guests                    Guests fill the Lower Atrium gallery at the Lyndon House
Eugene Swain's artwork is one of the exhibit series favorite among viewers                     Guests view Eugene's art as they enjoy the food supplied by ARA members and friends
ARA artists Mev Rozsman and Joe Coggins converse                                  ARA/GWG writers Barb Griffiths and Kathy Wright
while Lyndon House Beth Sale listens to artist John Weber                          pose in the Lyndon House lounge with Jewel Muzyka
ARA Photographer Lisa Wheeler enjoys the reception                            The exhibit, TEXTILES: The Sense of Touch is also enjoyed by
with her husband Lewis. They own a farm just west of Greensboro, GA      Lyndon House exhibit guests, adding an interesting organic experience
Pottery, photographs, and paintings on the Upstairs Atrium at the Lyndon House
A view across the Upper Atrium gallery at the Lyndon House

Lyndon House Arts Center293 Hoyt St.

Here are some other on-line links about the Abandoned Rural America exhibit series:

Endorsements for the new ARA book:

     I just received the new ARA book.  Thank you so much for the heart-warming comments inside the cover.  As I've said before, it has been my great pleasure to share in, some small way, this meaningful project which you have so wonderfully put together.  What a treasure!
     The book is something which you and all who have participated in its completion can take great pride in. For those who eventually view it, it is a work that brings delight to both the eye and the mind.  I'm positive it will sell out wherever you choose to place it.  The time you've spent capturing these images has yielded a rich and lasting legacy others will be able to enjoy for years to come.  The past never dies as long as someone remembers.  Thank you, Peter Muzyka, for helping to keep a marvelous part of America's past alive.  
The book is the result of many years of your travels, work and memories, and, even though you have incorporated the memories and work of others, what you have produced is an amazing volume that has meaning to all of who have been privileged to call themselves "American."
Kathy Wright, GWG member and book contributor

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Abandoned Rural America is split into 4 sections, the first being about rural Georgia, the second, Traveling Through America is about experiences in other states, the third is entitled The Seasons and shows the richness of the rural area in the 4 seasons, and the last is Growing Up in the Country and tells of the rural experiences of the contributing artists in their formative years. It contains remembrances as well as fictional accounts of folks living and working in the country. This eBook is part of the Abandoned Rural America project which presents exhibitions of rural art, photography, pottery and ceramics to the public. A crucial part of the project is a video containing short interviews with folks who worked the land for generations. Music is also an integral part of the experience with songs written expressly for the exhibit as well as traditional American folk tunes played by “Keepers of the Sound”. Also 2 of the exhibition songs are embedded in the eBook file. There is also a hardcover edition of the book available through theAbandoned Rural America website.

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